Class Packages

Number of Sessions14812
Group Fitness & Barre$25$90 $170 $210
Pilates Reformer$40$160 $290 $420


Commitment in MonthsMonth-to-Month12
Group Fitness & Barre | 2x Per Week$169
($18.77 per class)
($16.56 per class)
Group Fitness & Barre | 3x Per Week$199
($15.31 per class)
($13.77 per class)
Group Fitness & Barre | Unlimited$219
($12.88 per class)
($11.71 per class)
Pilates Reformer | 1x Per Week$149
($29.80 per class)
($25.80 per class)
Pilates Reformer | 2x Per Week$239
($26.56 per class)
($24.33 per class)
Pilates Reformer | 3x Per Week$329
($25.31 per class)
($23.00 per class)
Pilates Reformer | 4x Per Week$399
($23.47 per class)
($21.71 per class)

Month-to-Month Memberships – All the benefits of a membership, without a long-term commitment. Sign up for recurring auto-pay and end your membership after the first month with just 30 days written notice. Ideal for people who may not be able to commit to a full year.

An orientation is required prior to joining our Pilates Reformer classes. Contact the front desk at 805-259-1033 to sign up. Have questions or want more information? Give us a call.

Private Packages

Number of Sessions14812
Private (Single)$85$320
($80 per class)
($75 per class)
($70 per class)
Private (Duet)$65$220
($60 per class)
($55 per class)
($50 per class)

Cancellation Policy: We have a 12 hour cancellation policy for all appointments and scheduled classes. As long as you cancel your class reservation or private appointment at least 12 hours in advance of the class/appointment start time, you will not lose your session or be charged the $10 membership late cancellation fee or the $15 membership no show fee. Class reservations are not required, so if your schedule is unsure, please feel free to call our Front Desk prior to the class start time to see if you are able to jump in without an advance reservation.

  • Late cancels are considered any class cancelled within 12 hours of the class start time.
  • No shows are not showing up for a booked class without letting us know in advance.
  • If you are not able to make it to a class, please cancel online or by calling or emailing us prior to the class start time (even one minute). This will help other clients get a spot in class.

Late Cancellation Waiver for 12-Month Members: Each 12-month member receives two Late Cancel Waivers over the course of their 12-month contract. These waivers are only valid if the Front Desk is notified of the late cancellation prior to the class start time. No shows are not eligible for the Late Cancel Waiver benefit.

Why do we have a cancellation policy at all?

  • Accountability matters in fitness. If there were no penalty for canceling, it would be a lot more tempting to blow off a workout – our policy adds one more reason to come to class… get a great workout and feel better as a result!
  • Our classes are very popular. We have added more classes but there are still many with wait-lists. Our cancellation policy is in place, in part, to reduce speculative bookings, which keeps more spots open for people who want to commit to a class.

Additional Policies

  • All series and sessions expire three months (90 days) from the date of purchase. Series that are about to expire can be extended by purchasing another similar type of series; please contact the Front Desk for details.
  • No transfers or refunds of series or memberships.
  • Payment for all classes and sessions must be made prior to the class/session start time.
  • There is a $25 fee for all returned checks.